Ball Joint Doll, Custom Dolls

This is a really exciting post for me because it’s the 1st time I’m seeing my doll strung together standing and posing. To string the doll you need 3 pieces of elastic. For SD size ball jointed dolls 3mm elastic is recommended. For the legs cut 2 pieces approximately double the length of the distance from the neck to the knee and for the arms cut one piece that is double the length from one elbow across the chest to the other elbow. You can play around with this if you want your doll strung more tightly or loosely. There are some good videos on YouTube that can help with stringing. The important thing is keeping the left and right parts labeled so nothing gets mixed up.

It’s a great feeling seeing all the parts come together and seeing your doll stand and sit. I had to make some adjustments to the knees but he was able to stand on his own though I prefer to have him on a stand for safety. I was able to get him to sit in a lot of different positions which was awesome. Next I’ll be taking the doll apart again to paint it.

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